Sugam Samskhaaraa

Creating imprints about culture and heritage.

An institution that promotes values-based cultural programmes for the younger generation. The word Samskhaaraa refers to the imprints left on the subconscious mind by an individual’s experience in this or previous lives.

These imprints influence one's nature, responses and states of mind. Similarly, Sugam SAMSKHAARAA was set up with the sole purpose of creating imprints in the minds of children about their culture and heritage. Programmes carried out are Vedic Sunday School, Seminar and conferences on values education for children.

Board Members

Sujietra Jayaseelan

Sumitra Jayaseelan

Chitrakantan Subramaniam

Dr. Umawathy Techanamurthy

Gunasilan Muthusamy

Jayajivan Vijayalingam

Muralitharan Pamasua

Tinna Devi Armasamy

Sugam Vedic School

Providing education in cultural values to the young of the Indian community