Sugam Building Fund

Help Strengthen Sugam’s Cultural Legacy, Fund Our New Building

Preserving our arts and cultural heritage is an endeavor close to our hearts. It’s a legacy that enriches our lives and connects us to our roots. We invite you to join us in this meaningful journey by contributing to our building donation fund. Your support will help us create a lasting home where these cherished traditions can flourish and be passed down to future generations.

Dear well wishers & supporters of Indian Arts & Culture,

Sugam Culture & Heritage Berhad (Sugam) is a non-profit organisation formed in 2003, dedicated to promoting and preserving Indian arts, culture and heritage. Over the past 20 years, Sugam has become a well-known institution in the Indian arts and culture fraternity in Malaysia and beyond.

Sugam Karnatica, our flagship wing, has been providing formal and non-formal Indian arts and culture programmes, serving as a Community ACE (Arts Centre of Excellence) and committed to offering children a platform to express their background and heritage through various artistic endeavours. Additionally, Sugam Samskhaaraa is a Vedic school, an initiative aimed at educating the young Hindu community about our rich cultural values.

The Challenge

During our journey, Sugam has faced the challenge of frequent relocations, having operated from nine different premises over the past two decades. Unfortunately, once again, we find ourselves forced to relocate from our current premises due to the sale of the property by the landlord. The new owners have requested us to vacate by the end of August 2023.

In our quest for a new home, the Sugam team has spent the past six months searching for suitable premises within PJ-centric neighborhoods. Initially, we sought a rental space with minimal retrofitting requirements. However, finding a suitable space that meets both our needs and budgetary requirements proved challenging. After careful consideration and seeking advice from friends, well-wishers and supporters, we have decided to pursue the acquisition of a permanent home.

We are thrilled to announce that Sugam has recently acquired a permanent home that will serve as our new base, starting in October 2023.

The acquisition of this building represents a significant milestone for Sugam. With a permanent home, we can bid farewell to the constant worry of relocation. This stability empowers us to better serve the community and provide consistent, high-quality programmes that foster cultural awareness and appreciation.

However, acquiring the building comes at an estimated total cost of around RM3.3 million, which includes the purchase price, renovations, duties and fees. To cover these expenses, Sugam plans to pay RM300,000 in cash and seeks RM3 million in donations and financing. We kindly request your generous support in raising the remaining RM3 million within the next six months through our "Buy a Brick" campaign.

Why Support Sugam?

Supporting Sugam is crucial as it is dedicated to promoting Indian arts and cultural heritage, ensuring their continued vitality and relevance. By supporting Sugam, you contribute to the preservation and promotion of arts and cultural heritage.

Sugam provides a platform for talented artists, including children and students, to showcase their work and gain recognition. It allows emerging artists to expand their reach and established artists to overcome geographical limitations. Supporting Sugam means supporting these artists and fostering their artistic growth.

Additionally, Sugam fosters education and learning by offering resources, tutorials, and interactive platforms for enthusiasts and learners of arts. It serves as a valuable resource for students, teachers, and researchers, facilitating the dissemination of knowledge and skill development.


Sugam also plays a vital role in bridging cultural gaps and promoting cultural exchange. It showcases the diversity and beauty of Indian arts to a wide audience, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

Understanding and appreciating cultural heritage is crucial as it provides a sense of identity, belonging, and pride. It reflects our shared history, traditions, and values, enriching our lives with diverse artistic expressions, literature, music, dance, cuisine, and architecture. Cultural heritage promotes cultural exchange, understanding, and tolerance, fostering respect for different perspectives and promoting social cohesion.

Our Reach

Overall, supporting Sugam contributes to the preservation, promotion, and education of Indian arts and cultural heritage, while also facilitating cultural exchange and appreciation. Our Reach thus far:

We have touched 500 families annually

We run 90 classrooms weekly

27 arts teachers on payroll per month

FREE Creative lessons for 300 students weekly worth RM522k

Scholarship for underprivileged students

worth RM490k

Our Achievements

Our Achievements thus far:

2018 - First Institution to bring a standardised examination from an International Carnatic Music & Dance from world re-known University

2012 - Awarded the Europa Sustainability Award

2015 - Received the Malaysia Book of Records for 33 musical instruments performed in one song

2019 - Published in Malaysian Primary School Text Book by Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka

2019 - Our Talent Acceleration Programme (TAP 2 Ragas), a Carnatic Fusion Choir won Bronze at the KL International Choir Competition

2021 - Won an Award ‘Outstanding School in the Field of Arts and Culture’ at World Educational Leaders Summit & Awards

Contribution Levels

Bronze Brick (RM1,000)

Silver Brick (RM3,000)

Gold Brick (RM5,000)

Silver Plaque (RM10,000)

Gold Plaque (RM50,000)

Naming of one classroom in your honour (RM100,000) - 12 classrooms available

Naming of a 100-person seminar style performance hall in your honour (RM500,000)

Your Contribution

We invite you to contribute to this noble cause. Every contribution will make a tangible difference in helping Sugam secure a permanent home and continue its vital work in promoting arts and culture.

As a token of our gratitude, every supporter who contributes any amount will be recognised on our dedicated supporter page at Supporters who contribute RM1,000 or more will have their names etched on a brick in our wall of gratitude, symbolising their lasting impact on Sugam and the community we serve.

By participating in the "Buy a Brick" campaign, you not only contribute to the growth of Sugam but also become an integral part of our journey to preserve and promote Indian arts and cultural heritage in Malaysia and beyond.

Thank you for helping us safeguard our cultural treasures for generations to come.

Please share this message with others who share our values and passion for preserving our cultural heritage. Together, we can make an even greater impact!

With gratitude,

Sugam Team