About Us

Sugam is a non-profit organization formed in 2003, aimed at societal transformation through arts and culture.

Sugam believes in long-term sustainable growth and giving back to society. Its initiatives are aimed at empowering communities in a transparent, measurable and accountable way to enable them to be independent and enhance development.
We strive to create real and lasting positive social changes for Malaysia through our work in the following focus areas: Arts, Culture & Education, via our wings Sugam Karnatica and Sugam Samskhaaraa.


Arts and culture for a better world.


Transforming communities through arts & culture.

Our Core Values

S. P. I. C. E.

Service and Passion underpin the cause of our organization and in the implementation of the organization’s activities for the benefit of the community.
Integrity is constantly upheld in the governance of the organization as well as in community relations.
Our Creativity transcends traditional ideas and rules to create meaningful new forms, methods and interpretations to help execute programmes of the organisation as well as invent novelty products and services for the community.
Our commitment to Excellence is by being and delivering the best.

Our Goals


Promotion and Enculturation of the arts.


Provision of a Platform for Affordable and Quality Education in the Arts and Creativity to Contribute in Developing an Innovative Nation.


Enrich Quality of Life for Communities through an Innovative Curriculum Featuring Arts and Culture.


Enhance Social Well - Being of Vulnerable Communities Through Socio- Cultural Development.


Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by Safeguarding the intangible Cultural Heritage.

Our Patron

Datuk Vaithilingam

Service-oriented Datuk Vaithilingam started off his career as a school teacher in Kuala Lumpur for 16 years and was later promoted as a senior education administrator with the Selangor State Education Department for another 20 years until his retirement from civil service in 1989.


Datuk Vaithilingam

Datuk is a highly respected leader in the administration of sports and sporting associations. In 1969, he became the Assistant Secretary General of the Selangor Schools Sports Council and was then appointed Secretary General from 1971 and held that post for eighteen years. He had also served the Malaysian Schools Sports Council, popularly known as MSSM, in various capacities. For his service as successful director of competition of the Sukan Malaysia (SUKMA) in 1998, the Selangor State Government awarded him with the award of Tokoh Pentadbir Sukan.

Datuk Vaithilingam is renowned as the person who introduced softball and rhythmic gymnastics to the Malaysian scene. He was Team Manager of the Malaysian Gymnastics team to the Commonwealth Games held in Victoria, Canada. For his services in sports, the National Sports Council awarded him National Sports Special Award in 1996. More recently, on 17th December 2012, Datuk Vaithilingam was inducted in to the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) Hall of Fame – joining an elite group of eminent sporting personalities before him.

Datuk is dedicated to inter-faith integrity, social service and community development in Malaysia. His service to the community began in 1957, when he joined the Malaysia Hindu Youth Organisation. In 1975, became president of the Malaysia Hindu Youth, and established more than 150 HYOs throughout the nation including Sabah and Sarawak. For his services, he was awarded Tokoh Belia Hindu Nasional in 1983.

He served the Malaysia Hindu Sangam from 1966 for 12 years until his retirement from office in 2009. He held the post of President of the organisation from 1996 to 2009. During his leadership, he played a role in reorganizing the Malaysia Hindu Sangam and made it a truly representative National body making it a house hold name in Malaysia and the rest of the world.

Datuk Vaithilingam was a founder member of the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) in 1992 and served as its Treasurer for more than eight years. He was also the Founder Member of the Malaysian AIDS Federation (MAF) and served as a trustee of the foundation for about eight years. His contribution in HIV/AIDS awareness in Malaysia, was mainly to engage with the various religious groups to introduce a spiritual, religious based approach to addressing the issues. He organized numerous HIV/AIDS awareness programs throughout the country.

He has also a key founder member of the Malaysian Consultative Council for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism & Taosim (MCCBCHST). The latter is the national representative body for the non-Muslim communities of Malaysia, and is also a prime mover and proponent of inter-faith dialogue amongst the multi-ethnic, multi-religious populace of the country. He served as President of the MCCBCHST in 1991-1993, 1999-2001 and 2007-2009.

In the year 200, Datuk represented Malaysia at the World Millenium at the United Nations headquarters, where he presented a paper on the success of Malaysia in establishing a peaceful and harmonious nation made up of a multi-racial and multi-religious demography. He has been nominated by the Prime Minister to serve as Member of the National Unity Advisory Panel for a period of fifteen years, under five different Ministers of National Unity.

For his services to the nation, he was awarded the Ahli Mangku Negara (A.M.N.) in 1980 and later on the Panglima Jasa Negara (P.J.N.) in 2003, which carries the title “Datuk” and is limited to 300 recipients only.

Our Founders

Sujitra Jayaseelan

She has made headlines as ‘Murid Bersuara Emas’ in a local magazine in the year 1983. Since her childhood, she has been an active student; participating in singing competitions, story telling competitions, school choirs, choral speaking and was also a school prefect throughout her secondary education.

She held many important posts in clubs and societies in her school such as Director of the Interact Club and represented her University in the choir team.

Sumitra Jayaseelan

Sumitra holds a Bachelors of Engineering from the University of Malaya and is currently a Diplomatic Officer with the Government of Malaysia.  She sings regularly for Indian classical dance performances in the country.


She has also performed in the Stars of Diwali programme in NTV7 in the year 2005. She sings regularly for Indian classical dance performances in the country. Sumitra holds a Bachelors of Engineering from the University of Malaya and is currently a Diplomatic Officer with the Government of Malaysia.

Subatra Jayaseelan

She was awarded the coveted gold medal by Malaysia Hindu Sangam in the year 1995 for the National Thirumurai Singing Competition. She was handpicked by a panel of judges from thousands of applications as one of the participants for the Indian Music Training 2005 conducted by Mr. Bharadwaj, a renowned Music Director from India. 

Executive Board







Alpa Devi


Hon. Secretary

Jeyasakthi Jeyasingham

Hon. Treasurer

Sanjugtha Vigneswaran