Sugam Karnatica

Sugam Karnatica is an arts education institution formed in 2003, which provides formal and non-formal Indian arts and culture programmes. It also functions as the Community ACE (Arts Centre of Excellence) which provides children with a vehicle to express their background and heritage.

Sugam Karnatica has served more than 4000 students from ages 3 to 17 years old. Currently we have 450 students learning at our institution. Children are taught traditional art forms such as music, instruments and dance, as well as performing arts like theatre and visual arts. Languages such as English, Tamil and Sanskrit are taught as well. We run 72 classrooms per week with 24 teachers for a period of 40 weeks per annum.

Our Goal

To provide a platform for young people to obtain affordable, quality education in the arts and creativity to contribute in developing an innovative nation.