Orange Harvest : Drama Therapy Workshop

Using Drama as Therapy

Orange Harvest is an initiative to provide international best practices in special arts education, arts therapy and music medicine for the development of special children.
Orange Harvest workshop on Drama Therapy for Special Educators was successfully concluded on 10 and11 February 2018. It achieved its aim which is to educate and enhance the knowledge of Educators in using drama as a tool to develop children with special learning needs.
A total of 20 participants from the Government, NGOs and private sectors have participated in this workshop. A wide range of topics including Basics of Drama therapy, Mask & Mirroring, Empathy, Emotions & Role play, Story-telling, Applying Multiple Intelligence in Special Education and Theatre were covered in this workshop conducted by Prof Parasuram Ramammoorthi, Vice Chair of International Association of Theatre for Autism and an internationally acclaimed Applied theatre artist and has worked extensively in many parts of the world on Theatre for Mental health and Drama for Disabilities.
We are glad that Orange Harvest has kick started in a wonderful way and was beneficial to all those who participated. It served as a communication tools for those who are unable or unwilling to verbally express themselves. ‘A platform for parents and care-takers to interact with their child(ren) without recourse to words. A therapeutic intervention which provides access to families experiencing any difficulties,’ said Ms. Sujitra Jayaseelan, President of Sugam.


What our participants say

"Gives me higher awareness on Drama and Neuron development, body connectedness using pros for multi-sensory stimulation."

Ms. Sharifa Norazah, ADRF

"Helps me get knowing the autism world, understanding how they think and feel."

Charissaw Yaww, Teacher from a Special School

"Engagement of play through drama (especially the face mask and face painting) which I found very interesting and useful guide."

Mr. Mathan, Teacher from a Special School

"The activities and games were very exciting and were very useful for understanding and engaging the children with Autism."

Ms. Nor Hidayah binti Haros, Sekolah Kebangsaan Pendidikan Khas, Terengganu